I Own a Tree

I Own A Tree   –  “Plant a tree  Plant a hope”

“I OWN A TREE” is  an environmental initiative of of Kshiti Foundation  to enrich the environment by planting trees, to support the Farmers with Fruit trees in supporting sustainable farming. We have conducted 100+ tree planting events involving  1000+ individuals and corporate since 2010.

Tree planting program “I OWN A TREE ”  brings people together with Nature by building the bond between the person who sponsor/plant and the tree sapling.  It is just not the sapling you will be  planting, it is the new life your will be planting with new relationship you are building in your life.

We engage corporate and passionate individuals in planting tree saplings at various places like Schools, University Campuses, Parks, and Forest areas. We facilitate planting events and also maintain the trees . This program helps in connecting people with Trees by building a strong bond between people and trees.