Leadership Team

Siddalinga Prasad - CEO,
Director - I OWN A TREE

Technologist by profession with 25 years of experience and Passionate about creating sustainable environmental and Social Programs.

Mrs Revathi Kamath –
Director, Jeeva Jala

Environmentalist and Landscape development expert, Founder of Calyx. She has created many Tree forests and carried out large landscaping projects.

Smita Kavatekar –
Director, Disha

Associate professor in Jain University, Bangalore. Educator who believes in making difference through community engagement.

BanuPrasad Dhanakoti
Director QCareCenter

Entrepreneur & Senior Product Leader

Sandeep Subramanya
Director QCareCenter

Chief Business Officer at PPZ | Shopping Malls | Data Science

Dr Gautam Das
Director QCareCenter

Experienced HealthCare Executive

Supriya Dutta
Director QCareCenter

Rich experience of healthcare operations & Process Excellence

Advisory Team

Dr. Yellappa Reddy, Rtd IFS - Advisor for sustainable Ecology

Member of Indian Forest Services, Dr Reddy has served for four decades as an Administrator of Forests. He also served as the Secretary of Department of Ecology and Environment, Government of Karnataka.

Naveen Lakkur - Advisor for strategy and Innovation

Mr. Lakkur is the Founder and Chief Innovation Coach at Institute of Inspiring Innovation.
He is a serial entrepreneur turned Innovation coach. Naveen loves to inspire enterprises and entrepreneurs to innovate and guide them to grow in the right direction.

Anand Malligavad – Advisor for Lake Rejuvenation

Anand was working for 16 years in Sansera Engineering Ltd. After reviving one lake successfully, he quit his job and answered his true calling to begin his journey as a lake conservationist. He has inspired many other youngsters with his work. Anand has founded the Lake Revivers Collective (LRC).

Raghavendra Krishnamurthy

Technology and Strategy Advisor

Raghavendra is a senior technology leader with 25+ years of experience currently working in Honeywell Technology Solutions.

He is passionate about contributing to social projects in the areas of Environment and Education. 
He will be supporting Kshiti Foundation as an advisor for Technology, Strategy, and Process.